Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pretty Little Fashion: Aria

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I've been watching Pretty Little Liars over the past few days and woweee...I am totally HOOKED! The suspense drives me crazy and the couples drama and romance is so cute in a messy type of way. Anyone who watches the series will continuously be guessing who "A" is. It's really an amazing show, and what I love most is the Little Liars Fashion. It seems they all have different styles for each character.

Aria has a Gothic-vintage style. She has a lot of unique pieces and beautiful leg wear like patterned jeans or knee high socks. She likes to mix up fabrics and textures and likes to embrace the darker side of fashion.

I absolutely love this black dress. The higher collar, lace and shoulder piece really make this dress stand out

I love dresses which are shorter in the front and longer at the back. She always pairs her outfits with beautiful accessories like necklaces and rings.

The pattern is so beautiful on the dress. The lighter colours are gorgeous on her and I especially love the cut on the front of the dress.

Another beautiful cut on the front of the dress. Black seems to be her favourite colour, and I can see why, she looks gorgeous in it.

One of my favourite outfits. A simple patterned dress, paired with a blazer and a messy bun. Stunning.

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